Cornus controversa Variegata - Wedding Cake Tree Dogwood

Cornus controversa Variegata
Wedding Cake Tree

HEIGHT: 1.5M (5ft approx)

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@ £143.00


This fantastic Dogwood claims its name beacuse of it's 'wedding cake' like, tiered habit of growth; with lateral branches forming 'layers' up the tree. It is a large shrub or small tree (up to 8m) so ideal for medium sized spaces as well as bringing structure and a focal point to larger gardens too.
It has variegated foliage of cream and green, providing seasonal interest and bringing a lighter shade to a space. They will grow in most aspects but do require deep, fertile soil as they're quite hungry plants!


 HEIGHT AND SPREAD:  6M x 3M                     
 POSITION:                          FULL SUN, WIND SHELTER



Attractive foliage
Can be kept to shrub-size

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