Acer platanoides Globosum - Mophead Maple

Acer platanoides Globosum
Mophead Maple

GIRTH SIZE: 8-10 Standard 1.8m clear stem

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A distinct Maple variety with its large mop-like head on a clear stem, when mature, these trees make a statement in any medium-large garden or parks and cities. Globosum, as the name suggests; produces a symmetrical, globular canopy and it grows relatively slowly, compared to other Maple varieties. In spring and summer its leaves are a bold-green, turning to soft-yellows in autumn before falling. It wiill grow in most soil conditions in most positions, making it a very reliable, versatile tree. It will grow up to around 6m in height by 5-6m in width.

 HEIGHT AND SPREAD:  6M x 6M                     
 POSITION:                                  FULL SUN / PARTIAL SHADE




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