Japanese Acers

Japanese Acers/Maples

Acer palmatum (commonly known as Japanese Maples/Acers) are species of smaller growing Maples often purchased for planting in gardens to provide height, structure and colour. Palmatum (meaning palm) refers to the distinct, hand-shape leaves. Many varieties provide fantastic seasonal changes, including rich reds and bright yellows. Some are spreading in habit whilst others are dwarf and even weeping. The darker, purple leaved varieties tolerate the most sun, whilst lighter orange, yellow and variegated varieties do require dappled shade, so not to suffer from sun scorch on their leaves. Japanese Acers do require protection from winds and do generally tolerate most soils but do especially well in acidic (ericaceous) free draining soils. Minimal pruning to keep tidy or removed dead/damaged stems, making sure to carry this out during winter, so not to make the plant 'bleed'. They are most ideal planted in the ground but make great potted plants too.