ALuminium Edging

Rite Edge Aluminium EdgingAluminium Edging

Rite Edge aluminium landscape edging is a versatile, high quality, garden edging material which is light weight, durable and ideal for a range of landscaping edging tasks.  When used for lawn edging, Rite Edge gives crisp, clean lines with the minimum amount of trimming and maintenance.

Rite Edge was designed by a landscape architect looking for the easiest way to maintain garden dges with the minimum amount of effort and future maintenance.  The edging is made from aircraft quality aluminium alloy it is therefore fantastically lightweight and strong and no need to worry about corrosion with a 27 year lifespan.  Rite Edge is ideal for use as lawn edging, robust enough to bear the weekly summer toils of the lawn mower, flexible enough to easily cope with the most ornate garden designs whether used as a lawn edge, raised beds or borders.