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Creosoted Timber StakesCreosoted Timber Stakes - Posts

Creosote is a highly effective as a wood preservative extending the life of timber by discouraging insects and fungi that destroy the wood.  It is made from a mixture of of chemicals made from the distillation from coal tar.  The creosote is impregnated into the wood under pressure hence protecting the timber throughout not just on the surface.

Creosote has been around for over 150 years and its the most cost effective way to extend the lifetime of your timber. The creosoted stakes supplied by Derwent Treescapes are dark brown in appearance, over time with the affects of the weather, the timber will fade to a lighter brown but the creosote will not lose it's affectiveness.  The pre-creosoted fencing stakes saves you the time and hassle of applying the creosote yourself.

The creosoted timber stakes come in a range of sizes:

  • 1.6 Metres x 50-70mm Diameter
  • 1.8 Metres x 50-70mm Diameter
  • 2.4 Metres x 125-150mm Diameter

Creosoted Timber Stakes - Derwent Treescapes