Round Timber Stakes

Round timber stakesRound Timber Stakes

Superb range of round timber fencing stakes from Derwent Treescapes in a variety of different diameters and lengths to suit your garden or agricultural fencing project.  These are wooden machine rounded fencing posts, they are shaped at the top end and have a pointed spike at the other to ease driving the stakes into the ground.  Ideal used with galvanised stock fencing for containing sheep, cattle, pigs and crop protection.

The picture to the right shows the effective use of round stakes to creat a retaining wall, the timber is low price, effective and well maintained, they will survive for many years.  Sizes for the round stakes are as follows:

  • 1.65 metres x 50mm diameter
  • 1.65 metres x 60mm diameter
  • 1.65 metres x 75mm diameter
  • 1.65 metres x 85mm diameter
  • 1.80 metres x 50mm diameter
  • 2.10 metres x 60mm diameter
  • 2.40 metres x 60mm diameter
  • 2.40 metres x 85mm diameter
  • 1.65 metres half round stakes

The timber used for these stakes is from sustainable softwood forests and is pressure treated with tanalith wood preservative to extent the life and prevent rotting from fungal decay, water ingression or pests.