Gardening Tips

8th Feb 2022 - Have you tried Mycorrhizal Fungi?
In recent years scientists have discovered this natural wonder;
where roots of plants work with fungi, underground, to help eachother. The fungi take sugars from the plant, in exchange for much needed water and nutrients. The fungi encourages the plant roots to extend; helping both the plants to establish good roots and the fungi to feed.

Mycorrhizal Fungi is available to purchase and can be planted with bareroot or potted plants, to aid root establishment and therefore better plant health. Shop our range here.




8th May 2021 - What's NEW?......
We've had a very busy few months and would like to thank all of our customers for their purchases and continued support throughout these challenging times. We've sold alot of trees and shrubs but we've had more delivered, grown more and we've got loads to offer! NEW this month...
- Photinia Red Robin shrubs
- Portuguese Laurel 'B
- Potentilla (mixed colours)

- Evergreen Oak

4th February 2021 - Spring is on its way....
Trees and shrubs are forming their spring buds and signs of spring are all around us. There is still plenty of time to plant   bare-root; trees, fruit trees and hedging and we still have a fantastic range left. Planting now during winter allows the plant to begin to produce new roots whilst the environment is cooler and damper, being less stressful during the most important time - rooting into the ground! When planting add
Mycorrhizal Fungi to the base of the planting hole, so to be in contact with the roots when planted, this will help encourage healthy, new root growth, vital for the plant's success.


7th January 2021 - We're back and busy !
Happy New Year to you all and we welcome you back. Although the world is not how we know it, nor how we like it at the moment, we are fully open again and fully stocked with Trees, Hedging, Shrubs, Perennials and Planting Products. If you require something inparticular, please don't hesitate to get in touch and ask our advice. Think outside the box (pun not intended) and add year round interest to your garden or planting scheme; considering bark texture such as the adjacent image of a
Tibetan Cherry. Spring flower, leaf colour and shape are all things to consider when choosing your trees, shrubs or perennials.


3rd December 2020 - Trees, Hedging & Shrubs!
All our hedging is now in stock and ready to purchase. All our bare-root fruit trees and fruit bushes will be available within the next week so give us a call if you want to put your order in.

We have some fanastic new shrubs ready; to provide winter colour and interest this year and for years to come including; Viburnum, Leucothoe, Mahonia and much more!



29th October 2020 - It's Hedging Season
Now is the time to be thinking about planting bare root hedging whips. We're getting ready to take delivery of our stock for the season and it'll soon be available to purchase, for collection or delivery. You can now place your order online or call us to place your order. Our hedging will be available for purchase around the week commencing 16th November. All of our availability can be found in the hedging tabs, in the menu at the top of our website. If you require any assistance with your hedging order, our staff on site or on the phone will be more than happy to assist you.


1st October 2020 - Autumn & Winter Colour
Introduce autumn and winter interest into the garden by choosing trees, shrubs and perennials that change leaf colour and bare berries or fruits. Extending the season of interest in your garden will be aesthetically pleasing, whilst providing vital lifelines for our wildlife. Shrubs like Cotoneaster and Viburnum are fantastic additions to any garden on nearlly any soil type and position. Perennials like Rudbeckia and Verbena provide flowering stems late into autumn, and often leave seed heads with lovely interest!