TimberLok Heavy Duty Timber Screw

Timberlok FastenersTimberlok Heavy Duty Wood Screws

Timberlok fasteners heavy duty wood screws, manufactured from heat treated steel are fantastic for bolting together large timbers such as those used for retaining walls, decking , fencing and particularly good for bolting together railway sleepers, much better than the alternative of coach bolts.  They require no pre-drilling and they countersink flush into the timber.  They have a single thread which cuts cleanly and easily through the timber and are a permanent fastening solution  with the added advantage is that they can be removed and reused.  They are guaranteed not to rust even in pressure treated timber.

Timberlok screws can be used with both softwood and hardwood but it must be remembered that they are heavy duty so when drilling into timber please ensure that your drill is robust enough and has enough power with high torque and low speed settings.

Softwoods can be drilled directly into but when using hardwood, you will need to pre-drill with a 6mm wood drill which will ease the insertion of the screws.