Cedrus atlantica pendula glauca - Weeping Blue Atlas Cedar - 7L

Cedrus atlantica pendula glauca
Weeping Blue Atlas Cedar

HEIGHT: 150CM (5FT) - 180CM (6FT)
POT SIZE: 7.5L/10L

Prices (+ vat)
@ £68.00


The Weeping, Blue, Atlas Cedar really is a beauty to behold, with its eyecatching shape with a wide canopy of up to 6m wide and a height of up to 4m. Its branches spread and weep and are covered in blue-green needle foliage, providing year-round evergreen foliage and interest. In spring, cones appear providing further interest to this fantastic tree. These Cedars love the sun so need a full-sun position, with space to stretch out their limbs.

 HEIGHT AND SPREAD:  4M x 6M                     




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