Ilex aquifolium - Common Native Holly 50L

Ilex aquifolium
Common Native Holly

HEIGHT: 1.5m-1.75m

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Common Holly is a large evergreen shrub or tree, with dark-green, shiny leaves with a wavy texture and spines. It can be grown as a specimen tree, hedge, or clipped bush. The holly can be male or female, however it is very hard to identify the differences between them. Both male and female sexes must be present to produce winter berries which appear from late Autumn to mid-Winter. If left, Holly can grow up to a height of 9m and will tolerate most soil types.

 HEIGHT AND SPREAD:                     DEPENDANT ON PRUNING                  
 POSITION:                             FULL SUN / PARTIAL SHADE




✓ Native species
Hardy evergreen shrub/tree
✓ Can be grown as a tree, shrub or clipped as a hedge
White flowers in winter, followed by red berries, on female plants
✓ Provides food and protection for wildlife

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