Ilex Golden King - Half Standard Lollipop Topiary Holly

Ilex Golden King
Half Standard Lollipop Topiary Holly

1/2 Standard approx 6FT (4FT Clear Stem)

Prices (+ vat)
@ £78.00



 HEIGHT AND SPREAD:                              50CM-1M DEPENDANT ON PRUNING     
 POSITION:                                           FULL SUN / PARTIAL SHADE
 SOIL TYPE:   MOIST, WELL-DRAINED                   



Green & yellow variegated, evergreen foliage
✓ White flowers in spring
Berries in autumn/winter
Provide height and structure year round
Ideal for pots

Lollipop (known as Standard in the trade) Holly's are a fantastic addition to any garden or space. The elevated ball of foliage creates an eye-catching feature. The variety 'Golden King' has a variegated leaf of yellow and green. Clusters of tiny, white flowers appear in spring, followed by bright red Holly berries in the autumn. This really is a tree for all year round interest and does well planted in the ground or in pots for the patio. Will tolerate most conditions but avoid full shade as this may affect the variegated leaves. Clip once a year in order to keep the shape.

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