Larix Stiff Weeper - Japanese Weeping Larch

Larix Stiff Weeper
Japanese Weeping Larch

HEIGHT: 1.2M approx

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@ £45.00


Larix 'Stiff Weeper' is a compact, deciduous, coniferous tree grown on a straight, clear stem with pendulant branches coming from its top. The branches bear soft, needle-like, bright green foliage that turns golden-yellow in autumn before the leaves fall. In summer Larch 'roses' (which is the flower) grow and are unusual cone-like pink flowers, that develop into cones in autumn.

Minimal pruning is required; to create the desired shape or restricted size.

 HEIGHT AND SPREAD:  3M x 3M                     
 POSITION:                               FULL SUN/PARTIAL SHADE




✓ Spring flowers (called Larch roses)
✓ Autumn leaf colour
✓ Autumn cones

✓ Weeping habit
✓ Minimal care

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