New Oak Railway Sleepers 150cm x 200mm x 100mm

Oak Sleepers
New Oak 1.5m 5ft

1.5m x 200mm x 100mm
5ft x 8in x 4in

Prices (+ vat)
@ £22.00


Rustic Oak Sleepers

Naturally long lasting New Untreated Oak Sleepers are perfect for a multitude of landscaping purposes such as raised beds, patios and planters.

Cut from sleeper grade Timber, your sleepers will primarily have straight edges, with wane to one or two edges, as well as splits knots, bark and surface checks, but very affordable piece of oak timber full of character, ideal for a vast array of uses.

Being cut from a natural living product, there may be colour variation and when in place some further movement which may cause splits, warping and some sap as the timber adjusts to the changing seasons. These are natural and are to be expected and what ultimately gives the sleepers a beautiful natural distinctive appearance.

Please remember that the dimensions of these sleepers can vary due to their rough sawn nature.