Sorbus torminalis - Wild Service Tree Rowan

Sorbus torminalis
Wild Service Tree Rowan


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Sorbus torminalis is a native, ancient woodland tree not commonly found anymore. You may find it in ancient woodland or hedgerows, usually in the East of the country. A rare, special tree this is and should be planted more widespread, for it bares a mass of spring flower, perfect for our pollinators. Its leaves are similar to those of many Maples, especially when shows a stunning autumn display of reds and oranges, before the leaves fall. In autumn, tiny brown fruits called Service Berries, form and are edible when over-ripe. The word 'torminalis' means 'useful against colic', so it was believed in the past that it served as a medicine for poorly tummys, although it is not used professionally. When fully grown the tree's bark peels in strips, providing further interest throughout the year. It will grow up to 15m in height and up to 10m in width. It is a hardy tree but prefers dappled shade, on the edge of an existing woodlandis ideal. It will also tolerate heavy, clay soils.

 HEIGHT AND SPREAD:  15M x 10M                     
 POSITION:                                  FULL SUN / DAPPLED SHADE




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