Alnus glutinosa Imperialis - Cut Leaved Alder

Alnus glutinosa Imperialis
Cut Leaved Alder

GIRTH: 16-18

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'Imperialis', the cut leaved Alder named for its deeply serrated leaves, is a fantastic, smaller-growing variety of Alder that grows up to 6m tall by 4m wide. Its serrated leaves are unsual, attractive and some say an oriental-style feel. Catkins form in spring, followed by cones in autumn, favoured by the birds. In autumn, leaves turn yellow before falling, adding to its year round appeal. Alder love wet soils so it is idea; for planting in wet positions or near rivers.

 HEIGHT AND SPREAD:  6M x 4M                     
 POSITION:                               FULL SUN / PARTIAL SHADE




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