Sambucus nigra Black Lace - Black Elder

Sambucus nigra Black Lace
Black Elder

HEIGHT: 60cm-80cm

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'Black Lace' is a striking shrib with almost black, deeply cut foliage that stands out against its pink-white flowers in spring. Black Lace is a variety of Elder (Elderberry) but it isn't recommended to harvest or eat the berries of this variety. It is used ornamentally for its foliage colour. Underplant with lighter foliage colours and flowers, for a dramatic effect! Prune hard after flowering, if needed, to encourage bushier new growth the following year.

 HEIGHT AND SPREAD:                        6M x 6M                     
 POSITION:                                FULL SUN
 SOIL TYPE:   MOIST WELL-DRAINED                     



Hardy shrub
Almost black foliage
✓ Clusters of pink-white flowers
Architectural foliage
Inedible, ornamental berries in later summer

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